*    *    *

Dawn photographed my orchid and plant business, Green Door Design, and she captured exactly the feeling we were hoping to express.  Her images are thoughtful, but also unexpected and uniquely artistic. The group of photos she presented to us are gorgeous and exactly what we wanted for our new website.  Thank you Dawn!


*    *    *

Dawn did an outdoor, action photo shoot of my dog Ranger and I doing some training. She is terrific! She has a talent for capturing the moment with her camera, creating beautiful images for her customers to remember for years. Her personal approach and wonderful nature make for a great experience. Thanks so much Dawn! 

Tim and Ranger:-)

*    *    *

Dawn is an amazing photographer to work with. I moved into my house two years ago, but still hadn't gotten around to populating my walls with family photos. All three of my kids are fencers, so I decided to commission studio photos of them in their uniforms. Now mind you, my kids are teenagers...awkward teenagers. If you think posing for your own photos is tough as an adult, think about how strange it is for a kid. She was an absolute pro at getting them to pose not only in one, but several positions that resulted in the perfect pictures for my wall. My parents just recently asked me for the same photos, because they were so impressed with her work. 

She has a very gifted eye for that right shot. I've seen her other work with different subjects, both moving and still, and she instinctively knows how to capture the emotion and feeling of the moment. 

Delivery was prompt and communication was easy. Dawn is a true professional.

Virg Y.

*    *    *

Dawn was terrific to work with and we loved her photographs! She came out and spent the day with my crew and I at Citizen Hound, walking dogs at Crissy Beach and the Presidio. Dawn loved spending the day with the dogs, often throwing her head back in laughter from sheer joy. I'm serious. She had a blast and she captured some really great shots. But we also had fun together, hanging out for hours that day. She was a pleasure to work with and had a terrific eye. She was able to capture that certain individual spark that each of the dogs carry. I also loved the way she captured my team and we've used so much of her photography in our marketing now. I would imagine Dawn could do anything you need, so don't hesitate to contact her for your project!

David L.

*    *    *

I needed some photos for my new website.  Dawn was the perfect person to help me!  Not only is she extremely professional, but she is also a lot of fun!  She is so kind and caring!  She took such care in getting the perfect shot. She had a lot of great suggestions too.  After the shoot, she was very quick in sending me the photos.  There were so many beautiful photos, it was hard to choose which ones to use!  I highly recommend Dawn!  You will get great photos and have a lot of fun in the process!

Mimi F.

*    *    *

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