Hi! I'm a San Francisco Bay Area-based photographer with a passion for environmental portraiture; I love being where the action is, and I especially love capturing people and animals in their element.  

I fell in love with photography while taking pictures of my son's fencing tournaments - I was excited by the challenge of the sport's fast action, but also enjoyed catching expressions of passionate athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators. That inspired me to study photography, and I began to turn my camera toward other types of subjects, too. Much of my focus continues to be on people (and animals), in their own environments, and pursuing their passions... My favorite types of subjects!

Having always been a dog person, I'm particularly fond of photographing them, and capturing images of the beautiful bond that they share with people. They're quick-moving subjects, and I find that catching great images of them is just as challenging and fulfilling as catching those fencing shots. :)

Most recently, my passion for photographing animals has also led me to volunteer my services at The Marine Mammal Center, where I'm able to combine my love for photography with my interest in helping marine wildlife... Keep an eye on my TMMC page for recent photo assignments there!

And check out my Dawn's Botanicals website for my other love, flower photography! 


My shoots all take place on location, in the environment of the client's choosing. I find this to be ideal for catching candid and natural shots, which is what my photography is all about (and I enjoy capturing images of the environments, too)!  Please see below for examples of my work:


For more information about my work and rates, or to say hello, please get in touch:


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